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Welcome to Level 19: C1 British Slang

A fun and effective way to practice listening and learn new vocabulary! This course consists of 20 short videos. Each lesson includes:

  • a video
  • a full transcription of the dialogue
  • audio examples to hear
  • a chart with new words and expressions, and a lot of examples you can learn from
  • a progress quiz to check your understanding

This course is for intermediate students (lower to upper intermediate) of English. In every lesson we will:

  • practice our listening skills
  • read the transcription of the dialogues
  • learn new vocabulary
  • exercises one intermediate grammar function

In case of need, contact us anytime. Levent School is a real school with real teachers, we are here to help you. Send us an email to  drop us a Whatsapp message: 3474258840. We are happy to answer any of your questions. 

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