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Welcome to Food for Thought: Vocabulary for B2

A video course aimed at helping you increase your vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of general English. This course is made of 20 video lessons. In order to successfully complete the course, you have to:

  • Watch the video lesson with the explanation
  • Read the key phrases and listen to the pronunciation
  • Take the test to check your progress
  • Download extra exercise if you want to master the new information

In these 20 Lessons we will teach you:

  1. Describe people’s character
  2. Describe cities and towns
  3. Describe people’s apperances and look
  4. Talk about idiomatic expressions in English
  5. Talk about your home, describing a house
  6. Global problems
  7. Speak about clothes, shopping
  8. Shoptalk: business
  9. The arts and creativity
  10. Music
  11. How’ve you been? health and medicine
  12. Lifestyle
  13. Going on holiday
  14. News: press and media
  15. What’s it like? Describe an object
  16. Sound and light

In case of need, contact us anytime. Levent School is a real school with real teachers, we are here to help you. Send us an email to  drop us a Whatsapp message: 3474258840. We are happy to answer any of your questions.To take this course you need to be an intermediate level (B1 or higher)

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