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One minute English for B1 and B2

Welcome to English in one minute. This course is for all those students who do not have much time to practice or revise grammar and vocabulary. We’ll provide you with very short lessons and tips to improve your English, and a quick quiz to test what you’ve learned. 

Structure of the course:

In this course you’ll find 25 one-minute videos. Each video comes with a little exmplanation with exambples to read, and a 3 question quiz to check you’ve understood. 


You must have passed all the B1 courses in order to do this course. 

What will you learn?

The topics of this course are:

  1. Both vs Neither vs Either
  2. Raise vs Rise
  3. Been vs Gone
  4. Person vs Persons
  5. Like vs As
  6. Journey vs Trip
  7. Play vs do vs Go
  8. Don’t mind vs Doesn’t matter
  9. Wish vs Hope
  10. In the end vs At the end
  11. Even Though vs Even If
  12. See vs watch vs look
  13. Must vs Have to
  14. In case vs if
  15. Lie vs Lay 
  16. All vs Everybody
  17. Less vs Fewer
  18. Steal vs Rob
  19. By vs Until
  20. Prevent vs Avoid
  21. So vs Such
  22. While vs During
  23. No vs Not vs None
  24. Still vs Already vs Yet
  25. Also vs As well vs Too

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